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CORROCONT LFET scanner family is used to detect material loss, which caused by corrosion or other deterioration process. The LFET operated scanner moves over the entire surface of the tank, while generating an electromagnetic field into the steel plate.
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LFET – Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique Boiler wall tubes and small pipes testing. Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique also commonly referred as LFET is one of the electromagnetic testing methods utilized effectively for the inspection and assessment of Boiler Wall tubes.
Dimensions: 3445 x 328 feet / 1050 x 100 meters : Surface: Soft: Runway 02 Runway 20; Coordinates: N47°32.59' / E5°12.61' N47°33.14' / E5°12.83' Elevation:
LFET Products. TesTex offers several state-of-the-art products that employ the Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET).These products are used to inspect storage tanks, other convex or concave ferrous surfaces, as well as nonferrous metal tubing/piping surfaces.